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Allow Student Entrepreneurs with Short Attendance to sit for exams: AICTE to Engineering Colleges

From the latest mandate of All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE)
Now the Student Entrepreneurs have the best advantage from the AICTE to there directed Engineering Colleges and Technical Institutions. The Student Entrepreneurs from the AICTE affiliation college have a chance to sit for the examinations even their attendance is on shortage.
     This decision was taken by the HRD Ministry's technical education to boost the Students on their innovative research skills, which helps them to build their own way on startups for more preference at the time of the interview. And also for the unemployment citizens, the startup would be the best thing to create their future designations.
From the official senior council told to PTI
  • Students Entrepreneurs should be allowed to sit for the examination.
  • Institutions have to allow their students to take a semester break on their startup works, and also to re-join their academics to fulfill their course 
  • Even the Institutions have to explore the provisions of on-campus accommodation to their student entrepreneurs
  • This also makes their students develop their academic credits. (Institutions have to set up a review committee to take a review on their efforts and progress, to award their appropriate academic credits)
  • To build the innovation funnel of their Institutions, it has to open the financing facilities to their potential entrepreneurs.
  • Also, the Institutions have to tie up their startups with companies with wider entrepreneurial ecosystems.
  • For the probability of success to their students, the Institutions have to connect student entrepreneurs to real-time entrepreneurs which also helps them to know real-life challenges and depths.

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