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Contagious corona: 
Now the hot topic is corona virus. Everywhere we hear about corona. Everyone were talking about corona. Every news is about corona. 

  • where did this corona started?  
  • Who is the first person to infect? 
  • How did they identified?  
  • Who is the first person to die due to corona?
  • What about vaccines to vanish this contagious corona?  
  • How far this corona spread away? 
  • Is Lock down really helps to save us from corona? 
  • What are the safety measures to protect ourselves from corona? 
  • What about employees ?
  • What about the economy of our countries? 
  • And still more..... 

These are the questions which stuck in our minds . 
         The adjective contagious corona it's self says that spreading from one to another  is known as  contagious.  By few scientist's view the first case is identified in Wuhan to a lady who named Wei Guixian, who is a Shrimps Seller. She firstly met with cold, later on she felt so weak. So she went to a hospital and taken an injection, but there is no use of it.
     Then she went to another hospital and attend some medical tests.  All Doctors were surprised to watch that unknown virus.  As doctors were also new to that virus, they couldn't understand the impacts from corona virus . This is happend on December 17th 2019. She is quarantined on December 30th 2019. Doctors had done tests to other 27 members and in that 24 members were physically linked to that sea food market.

       Scientists started their research to know how did this corona had came.  In that research few scientist's said that they noticed corona virus symtops in bat. Which spreads to another animal. Actually there were still stand on research how far is it right. 
       The first death taken in across the world is  Massachusetts. Person named as Charlie Baker, who is 87 years old Winthrop man.

         All over the world wants to know, what about vaccines. Every Scientist's in different countries still working  to invent vaccine on COVID-19. To setup a specific vaccine for corona virus, one and half year would be needed.  

    Contagious corona spread over the world, to each country.  The second country to have this corona positive Case in Singapore. Next to other countries like France,  Italy,  America and all over the world. 

         As per information until now there are so many cases noted in all over the world. Present we have nearly 5.01 millions of cases.  And 328 thousand of people were left there souls.   Nearly 1.91 million members were recoverd. America stood first in death rate and the next most countries to have highest rate in deaths are UK and Italy. 

           At present Corona virus is the biggest problem in our world.  By staying in our residence we can decrease its spreading level. So authorities anounced lock down with a moto called "STAY HOME - STAY SAFE ", to prevent us from virus and people are following this. Works are been doing in there homes itself.  Doctors and Cops are doing there duty with an excellence of hardwork just to save us. But still corona virus shaking the world. 

        Every age persons may effect by COVID-19, but infants, above 60+ people and people who were suffering from heart and lungs diseases should be take more care and concern. 
Safety measures :
  • A distance of at least one meter is necessary  to ensure safety for all.
  • Wash your Hands with Soap and Water regularly.
  • If Soap and Water is not available, use hand sanitizer.
  • Don't contact your Sense Organs (Eyes, Nose & Mouth) without washing your Hands.
  • Throw used tissues into closed bins immediately  after use. 
  • Using Hand kerchifes or tissues while sneezing and coughing  is must and stood. 
  • Avoid Mass Gathering and Crowded Places. 

          As works were stopped, all shops were closed. Our total economy met with loss. But every authorities didn't bother about economy, instead they have vision on saving people's life's.  As they are doing there responsible duty, why can't we do our work by just staying at our homes as a responsible person,

If you met symptoms like cold, cough, fever or difficulty  in breathing, please contact your local doctor as soon as possible without hesitation. 

<<Protect Yourself : Protect Your World>>

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