Andhra Pradesh Finalised to Pass all the Backlog for B.Tech Final year Students

Andhra Pradesh Finalised to Pass all the Backlog for Final year Students:

  • As we already know, the Andhra  Pradesh Government took the decision to cancel the examinations of Under-Graduates and Post-Graduates due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • The Education Commission took a decision to clear the backlogs of final year students based on the Internal Marks.
  • Only two backlogs will be passed according to government based on their internal marks 
  • If a student Scores better marks in internals such as MID-Examinations, Lab Examinations, Viva-Voice, Etc, then the student is eligible to be passed, If not, the student will have to clear his/her backlogs on their own after the institutions get re-opened.
  • This Decision taken by the Government of Andhra Pradesh helps the Final Year Students to get relieved.
  • The reason behind the cancelation of examinations is for the safety of students who will appear in their examinations.

  • The Education Minister A.Suresh explained the reason behind the cancelation of examinations. It is about the tremendous increase in COIVID-19 Pandemic.


  1. I have a single backlog because of the lack of internal marks
    What's our position sir..
    Just single backlog sir...

    1. The educational minister was in the discussion about these problems and we will update you when the update comes but up to now they will not be passed when they have less internal marks

  2. I didn't write the mid well coz my sickness.
    So, i have only that baklog..
    What should I did sirrr..

    1. Up to the present news if you dont have internal marks you will note be passed in the exam


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