Learn Linux System Administration didactic course in online with Scratch Examples

Linux System Administration Full Course:

This video will provide you with the skills that are needed to be a Linux system administrator or Linux sysadmin. This course is broken down into 2 parts. The first part of this course you will learn about client-side system administration and the second part of this course you will learn server-side

Course Timings: 

(0:00)    1. Linux Installation Overview
(41:44)   2. Command Line Navigation
(1:08:53) 3. File Systems
(1:40:00) 4. People and Permissions
(2:09:00) 5. Software Repositories
(2:28:48) 6. Programs and Scripts
(2:54:32) 7. Services and Firewalls
(3:28:54) 8. Processes and Resources
(4:07:10) 9. Kernel and Hardware
(4:38:05) 10. Logs and Queues
(4:59:00) 11. Linux Installation Overview
(5:10:09) 12. Network File System (NFS) Overview
(5:20:28) 13. Samba Overview
(5:26:52) 14. Apache Web Server Overview
(5:37:30) 15. Database Server Overview
(5:45:03) 16. Secure Shell Server Overview
(5:52:24) 17. Mail Servers (Postfix) Overview
(6:04:08) 18. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Overview
(06:14:12)19. Domain Name System (DNS) Overview
(6:33:08) 20. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Overview

 1. In these 20 Topics covered 1st, Ten Topics are Linux Client Administration
2. Remaining 11 to 20 Topics are Linux Server Administration

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