Learn Operating System Didactic Course with Scratch Examples

About Operating System:

An operating system is system software that manages computer hardware and software resources and provides common services for computer programs. In this operating system full course, you will be learning following the topic in detail.

Topics Covered in this video:

1. Hardware Resources
2. Introduction to operating systems
3. Introduction to Linux
4. Disk I/O
5. Disk Scheduling
6. File Systems
7. CPU Features
8. Kernel Architectures
9. Linux Basics- Part-1
10. Linux Basics-Part-2
11. Interrupts and I/O
12. Interrupt Controllers
13. Interrupt Handling
14. Memory Resources
15. Dynamic Memory Allocation
16. Kernel Memory Allocation
17. Paging
18. Page Tables
19. Memory Protection
20. Virtual Memory-Part-1
21. Virtual Memory-Part-2
22. Page Replacement
23. Processes-Part-1
24. Processes-Part-2
25. Process Management

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