Social Media Marketing Didactic Course in Online with Scratch Examples

About the Course:

Video on Social Media Marketing will take you through a number of important topics that will help you make the most out of your social media marketing campaigns. We will focus on how you can start with social media marketing, Facebook ads, some tips and strategies to advertise on Facebook, how you can rank #1 on YouTube, how you can increase YouTube subscribers, how you can increase Twitter and Instagram followers and some of the best tools you can use for Social Media Marketing. This video is focused on helping individuals move towards social media marketers. Each of these topics is also explained with practical examples

Social Media Marketing Didactic Course in Online with Scratch Examples

Course Timings:

  •  How to start Social Media Marketing  2:43
  •  Why do Social Media Marketing  4:07
  •  what are the channels used for SMM  6:53
  •  How can you take advantage of Facebook  14:53
  •  How can you take advantage of Instagram  24:41
  •  How can you take advantage of Linkedin  30:16
  •  How can you take advantage of YouTube  36:17
  •  How can you take advantage of Twitter  40:33
  •  What are the tools for Social Media Marketing  44:32
  •  Tips to be a Good Social Media Marketing  47:49
  •  Facebook ADS Tutorial  51:01
  •  Why Advertise on Facebook  52:15
  •  What are the types of Facebook Ads  56:33 
  •  What are the steps to creating a Facebook Ads  1:02:41
  •  Facebook Advertising Tips And Strategies  1:51:05
  •  How to Rank YouTube Videos  2:35:50
  •  YouTube Keyword Research 2:36:17
  •  Create high-Quality Videos  2:56:56
  •  Importance of user Engagement  3:11:59
  •  Promote your Content  3:16:29
  •  Create an engaging and informative content 3:29:17
  •  Optimize your YouTube videos  3:38:08
  •  Add a subscriber watermark to your videos  3:57:56
  •  Promote your videos on different platforms  4:05:02
  •  Twitter 4:11:17
  • How to Increase Followers on Instagram  4:49:57
  • Social Media Marketing Tool  5:26:00

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