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 What you'll learn


  • A Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Excel, Spreadsheets, Formulas, Shortcuts, Advanced Tables
  • Become proficient in Excel data tools like Sorting, Filtering, Data validations, and Data importing
  • Excel by creating Pivot tables with slicers
  • Knowledge of all the essential Excel formulas
  • Master Excel's most popular lookup functions such as Vlookup, Hlookup, IF, etc.
  • Make great presentations using the Conditional and Table formatting options
  • Increase your efficiency by learning how to create and use important Excel shortcuts
  • Make great reports for your chief of your department.
  • Organize and manipulate your data in Excel as a professional.


  • You will need a PC or a Laptop with any version of Excel installed in it
  • Be positive and believe yourself :)


 Some reasons why you should choose this Excel course

  1. Carefully designed curriculum teaching you only the most used functionalities of Excel in school and office environments
  2. You can complete this course within one weekend
  3. Office-related and school-related examples and case studies
  4. More practical exercises because Excel requires practice
  5. Downloadable resources
  6. Your queries will be responded to by the Instructor

Start using Excel to become a hero in your office or school!

Either you're a beginner at Excel or you want to get more comfortable with Excel's advanced features. Either way, this course will be great for you.

Why should you choose this course?

In this course, you will find practical exercises that are integrated into your office or school environment.

What makes us qualified to teach you?

The course is taught by Computer Science Teacher and you can find more information on his website

My Promise

Teaching our students is our job and priority. If you have any questions about the course content, practice sheet, or anything related to any topic, you can always post a the question in the course or send us a direct message.


Who this course is for :

  • Anyone curious to master excels from beginner to Advanced in a short span of time
  • Primary teachers
  • Secondary teachers
  • Subject teachers
  • Office workers
  • Students

Course Price :

₹1,280 Discount 100% off 

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