How to Prepare for the Formal Language Automata Theory JNTUK Exam

 How to Prepare for the Formal Language Automated Theory JNTUK Exam

                                  How to pass FLAT JNTUK exam

Steps to prepare for the exam: 

Formal language automated theory was a logical subject that was one of the toughest subjects in the computer science department

Follow these simple steps mainly  to prepare for the exam you can pass definitely 

"We have a total of six units in this particular subject so we don't need to learn all the units to pass the subjects"

-> we just have to prepare for only four units out of the six units 

-> The important units that you have to prepare mainly to pass the exam was 
  • unit 1
  • unit 2
  • unit 4
  • unit 6
-> First you have to start from the first unit in the first unit you will have the topics mainly  
  • what are automata explain about it 
  • How to design a Deterministic Finite automata 
  • string acceptance
  • converting an NFA to DFA 
  • Designing of NFA 
-> From the second unit you need to cover mainly these topics
  • Constructing  NFA for regular expression 
  • Identify rules 
  • Ardens theorem 
  • NFA to regular expression 
  • About pumping lemma and applications of pumping lemma
  • Constructing Finite automata for given regular expression 
-> From the  Fourth unit you need to cover these topics mainly 
  • What is push down automata explain it 
  • Designing of pushdown automata 
  • Non-deterministic pushdown automata designing 
  • Applications of pushdown automata 
  • Pushdown automata with two stacks 
-> From the sixth unit, you have to cover overall topics it was a small unit and it was an important topic too 

Tips while writing the exam:
  • Maintain good handwriting while writing the exam 
  • underline the important sentences with a different color in the answer booklet 
  • try to explain every question along with diagrams in a evaporate way
  • Give a diagrammatic explanation for the question that needed 
  • Maintain side headings according to the use in any particular questions 
-> "to score more marks in the examination by covering the rest of the two units 

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