Subtraction of Two Complex Numbers in Python | python programming Language 2021

python program to subtract two complex numbers | python programming Language 2021

Subtractio of two complex numbers in python

About the Program: 

we are now writing the program to subtract two complex numbers in python programming language 


First, we have to take two numbers mainly

the two values are 

-> A = 10

-> B = 5

after that, we need to write the condition for subtracting the two numbers 

-> C = A-B

and here we need to find the value of C 

Source Code: 

#Substraction of  two numbers 

A = 10

B = 5

C = A-B


Expected Output:

Program Explanation:

First, we have taken two alphabets "A" and "B" and assigned some values to them 

-> Given a condition "C = A-B"

-> Later we have used the "print () Function" along with "C" the output will be displayed

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