How to Make An Awesome Resume | Beginners Guide 2021

How to Make An Awesome Resume 2021 | Beginners Guide 

How to Make An Awesome Resume 2021: 

TO Make an Awesome resume your resume must have to do these things:

  • Always save your resume in a PDF format 
  • Pick the best Font size for all over the resume it must be between (11-13) for normal text and 14 -16 for section titles 
  • Try to write your resume in an Easy read font (Must be a regular font) 
  • Your resume must be in one-page length 
  • Maintain clear headings for every section with "H2"
  • Your resume must have margins along with spaces 

Content that you have to write in your resume 

  • Most of the resumes contain the information like 
  1. Contact information
  2. Work experience 
  3. Education 
  4. skills 
  5. Optional sections like publications etc 
  6. Professional resume summary 

1. Contact Information:

The details you have to give in this contact information was 

  • First Name/ last name 
  • Phone number 
  • E-mail address 
  • Location 

2. Work experience: 

This is the most important part in the resume if have any work experience before it along with the detail of the particular job title and position of yours 

-> Mention the name of the company, location, and description 

-> and also write about achievements that you have done there 

-> Mention the dates  that you are employed in that company 


Your Education info was also the second most important thing in your resume you have to enter you education details in decending to ascending order

  • Program name: B.Tech 
  • University name: "      "

4.  SKills:

The skills will play a key role in your resume so you need to First mention the technical skill that you have 

like python, artificial intelligence, etc

after mentioning the technical skills you need to mention your communication skills 

Follow all these steps to make a good resume on your own if you need to if you need to prepare you reseume in particular format in a little amount of time then visit the Canva 

this website will guide you to make an an awesome resume 

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