How to Learn Python for Beginners | Learn Python Coding Free

How to Learn Python for Beginners | Learn Python Coding Free

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How to Learn Python for Beginners:

What is python?

Python is a programming language that was both interpreted and object-oriented language which was also called the high-level programming language 

-> The python language was one the most used language in 2021

-> Most of the Multinational companies like Google, Dropbox, Netflix are using the python programming language for their projects 

->  Python language was simple and easy to learn but you need to prepare the best plan for learning the python language in an easy way 

-> If you want to become a master in the python language  you need follow these steps mainly 

Steps to follow:

1.Learn from the basics: 

If you want to learn the python language start today itself from the basics of the python programming language 

-> First of all you need to know what is python and for what purposes the python language will be used 

-> If you want to  learn to code then start now to read the basics and theory part of python because without understanding the theory you cannot have a chance to write code or to understand a code 

-> Learning coding along with the theory will help you to learn more faster and you have perfect clarity according to code written by you for a particular problem

2. Test Yourself:

After Learning the basic part of the python language test yourself in multiple ways through online 

-> We have many online websites to test us in the python language make sure go through that websites and try to solve the problems with perfect answers 

-> all the problems will be at the beginner level if you  are doing good then you will be good at basics 

-> remember one thing here while writing a code for a problem try to write that code in a simple and smart way 

-> Writing in a simple way will help you remaining the time and your code will understandable to everyone 

3. GO Through the Intermediate level:  

After completing all the basics of python go through the intermediate level of the programming 

-> The intermediate level is some harder than the Basic level 

-> The basic level code will shorter every time but in the intermediate level the length of the code will be increased 

-> But don't be panic for the understanding a large code every code has a syntax which was followed by all over the code so try to learn about the syntaxes 

-> Learning all the syntaxes will help you to know about what type of syntax will be used for different codes 

-> Python is all about syntax so first learn all the syntax that was used in the python language will help you more in the future 

-> After learning all these try to solve the tests that will available in online it will make you faster to solve a particular code 

4. Try to start small projects:

we can make so many things by learning python so take a small project like a "calculator" and try to write code for the calculator make certain changes to it 

-> Try to do the different modifications by doing all these things you will know what error will raise when we did a mistake 

-> Python was a topmost coding language it was easy to learn but it will become tough if you are not practiced 

-> So every day you need to practice and you have to try the new pattern do not habituate to write a code in a one single way 

-> Try to write the code in a different way that will help you to become a master of the python language 

-> And First of all try to know about what errors will be raised if you done a mistake in the code at a particular place 

-> By knowing this will be helpful for finding an error that where it was raised 

5. Start to code large projects:

If you have done all the small and simple projects then you have to start the large projects 

-> To start the projects you have a platform named "GITHUB"

-> In this GITHUB you can start a project and which was free to do 

-> You can do your own project on this platform so use this for your practice 

-> Attend the coding exams were conducted by the MNC companies they will be a practice for you 

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