Learn java programming | Learn Java Online Free Course

Learn Java Programming | Learn Java Online Free Course

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Learn Java Programming:

What is a  Java Language: 

Java is a high-level programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. It was originally designed for developing programs for set-top boxes and handheld devices, but later became a popular choice for creating web applications. 

-> The Java syntax is similar to C++ but is strictly an object-oriented programming language

->  Java language is one of the popular and most used programming languages

->  Java langauge is mainly uised for the software developement 

-> The java language was the second-largest popular language which was used in the development of software 

-> To Learn Java programming language in a simple and easy way you need to be with a perfect education plan 

1.Give a particular time: 

If you are interested to learn java then you have to be dedicated and give a certain time to learn java every day.

-> Make a best educational plan and try to give more time for learning 

-> Java language is some which have boring stuff in it so without dedication you cannot learn the courses fully 

-> Learning without planning will be clumsy so prepare the best plan before start learning the java programming language 

-> Keep focusing on the time you are learning and make sure that you learn every day without any late 

-> Sitting 2 hours every day for learning java will be useful to you 

2.Go through the basics

-> Start from the basic concepts of the java language 

-> The concepts you have to cover like 
  • Syntax of java 
  • Object-oriented programming concepts 
  • Core Java 
  • Java Collections
  • java Packages 
  • Libraries and frameworks
  • API 
  • GIT

Start programming along with basic theory:

If you understood the theory then start the basic programming. to start the programming you need to install the "java virtual machine" on your computer first do it and later start the programming 

-> You need to practice the basic program like Addition of two numbers, multiplication of two numbers, division of two numbers, and subtraction of two numbers 

-> If you do all these basic programs you will be understanding what is the java programming and how we can do that 

-> Syntaxes are the most important things in the programming languages so try to learn all the syntaxes that are related to the java language 

-> Java have the keywords in it so they also came in the department of basics you need to learn all the keywords which will help you while writing a program 

Learn the theory along with the programming :

Learning particularly one thing in both programming and theory will make you imbalanced so you have to learn both the theory and programming at the same time 

-> Because the learning of only programming will not make you learn the overall language so try to learn the theory part along with the programming 

Learn through the online websites:

If you have a certain idea about the java programming language then try to solve the problems in the online websites 

-> We have so many online platforms line Hakerrank and codewars 

-> These two websites are the best platforms for learning the java programming language in a simple way 

-> They will provide you some questions according to the level you have learned you need to solve the questions 

->  By solving problems every day will make you sharper in the programming department of java 

-> And by solving all the questions you will also able to know each and every error that was raised while solving a program
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