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Jobs for Java Developer Fresher | Jobs for Java Freshers

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Jobs for Java Developer Fresher: 

What is java?

Java is a high-level programming language it was used to create complete applications that can be run in a single system or distributed among the servers. the java language was strictly an object-oriented language. the language was popular to create web applications.  

-> Java language was one of the most popular languages which a separate base in it department 

-> If you are fresher learning java language then you need to know about the Jobs for Java Developer Fresher 

Jobs for Java Freshers:

1. Project Manager 

2. Business Analyst

3. Scrum Manager 

4. Solution Architect

5. DevOps Engineer

1. Project Manager:

Project Manager this job is one of the perfect jobs for a  java developer the main role of this particular job was to follow the project and have to maintain the status of the project 

-> Maintaining the project along with entire details 

->  As a project manager, your job is to plan, budget, oversee, and document all aspects of the specific project you are working on. 

-> Project managers may work closely with upper management of that particular company 

-> To become a project manager first you need to become a java developer along with better experience 

-> This will help you to become a project manager the high pay of the project manager was 6.20.000 lakhs per annum 

2. Business Analyst:

The Business analyst work along with the organizations and help to improve the systems and processes

-> The analyst cooperates with the business partners and topic specialists to comprehend their issues and needs. 

-> The Business Analyst gathers documents and analyzes business needs and requirements.

-> The Pay of business analyst per year was 8 lakhs 

3. Scrum Master: 

If you know about the Agile environment then you will definitely hear about the Scrum master. 

-> The main job of the scrum master was to run the scrum meeting daily and if any blocks are presented or appeared then you have to clear that 

-> Scrum Master was a new career option that was based on the project manager and business analyst 

-> If you have experience in both project manager and business analyst then you have a chance to do as a Scrum Master 

->  The high pay of the Scrum master was 1,225,000 per annum. 

4. Solution architect:

A solution architect is liable for the plan of at least one applications or administrations inside an association and is normally important for an answer advancement group.

-> The individual in question should have a decent blend of specialized and business abilities, and will frequently work with an endeavor engineer for vital bearing.

-> The work of a solution architect is to interpret prerequisites made by utilitarian examiners into the engineering for that arrangement and portraying it through design and plan ancient rarities.

-> The High pay of a solution architect was 4.4lakshs pe annum 

DevOps Engineer: 

-> A DevOps engineer presents cycles, apparatuses, and approaches to adjust needs all through the product improvement life cycle, from coding and arrangement, to support and updates. Improvement groups and IT activities groups can have various abilities and various objectives.

-> implies on the off chance that you are an accomplished Java developer with a passion for dealing with the environment, computerization, and improving generally structure, you can turn into a DevOps Engineer

-> The high pay for the DevOps engineers was 20 lakhs per annum 
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