Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner (2021 Grasp Basic Python Online with Role Model)

Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner (2021 Grasp basic Python Online with Role Model)  

Learn python online, Python program for absolute beginners

What is Syntax in python:

-> The syntax in python can be easily defined as the structure of the language which plays a key role in the python programming language 

->  The python language uses different syntaxes which were easier than other languages syntax

->  The syntax in the python language will be as same as the English language having with a small difference 

-> The python language can only consist a single line and easy syntax which was used as a structure of a program 

-> Syntax in the python language can also be said to be the set of rules that a program have to follow must get the particular output it wants 


>>> print("Hello, world!)  #this was said to be the syntax for this program 

output: Hello world 

what are comments in python? 

-> The comments are mainly used in the middle of the code for the user understanding 

-> The comments are used along with the "#" symbol 

-> Sentence that was written along with # symbol will be defined as a comment by the interpreter 

-> The comments cannot be printed by the compiler of the python 

->  Comments can make us more readable and understandable 

-> Comments in the python can be set at any place at the starting of the line or end of the line and that we can also use them in the middle of the line 

->  A comment not also for user understandable it is also for preventing python from the execution of code 

-> Multi line comments: 

we can add the multiple lines of comments in the python language we just have to join the #symbol along with every line 


#this is a python program with simple syntax 

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